Week ending 10/22/2016

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Dr. Schuster at U. Penn provides perspective on CAR T-cell therapy in CLL (Hematology Times — free registration/login required to view)

Kite Pharma Details KTE-C19 Launch Preparedness and Near-Term, Next Generation CAR/TCR Product Candidates at Investor Day

Kite Pharma’s CEO On Bringing Cancer-Killing T-Cells To The FDA

New approach aims to restore immune-powering B cells in cancer patients following successful immunotherapy with CAR T cells (Replenishing immune cells after remission)

Download free copy of “Understanding Cancer Immunotherapy” (PDF) here: Patient Resources | Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 

Persistence of long-lived plasma cells and humoral immunity in individuals responding to CD19-directed CAR T cell therapy | Blood Journal

JCI – Targeted antibody-mediated depletion of murine CD19 CAR T cells permanently reverses B cell aplasia

Explanatory CAR-T video from Kite Pharma