CAR-T in the news (Week Ending 11/19/16)

CAR-T business news:

  1. Kite details filing plans for lead CAR-T | BioPharma Dive 
  2. Kite Pharma to keep anticipated CAR-T launch ‘controlled’ and targeted at certain hospitals – Medical Marketing and Media
  3. CAR-T cells forge ahead, Novartis reorganizes : Nature Biotechnology : Nature Research

One problem with current CAR-T therapies is, they require individualized collection and “manufacturing” of one’s own T cells.  This is an extremely expensive process that would likely severely inhibit widespread access to these potentially life-saving therapies once they exit clinical trials and gain FDA approval.

Thus there is ongoing research into using “off-the-shelf” pre-manufactured allogeneic T cells (i.e., T cells from other healthy donors) rather than one’s own collected T Cells.  Cellectis, in Suresnes, France, has been running clinical trials on a “Universal CAR-T” cell. Below are some other news items on that front that I came across this week:

  1. Cell Medica signs up for an off-the-shelf CAR-T collaboration with Baylor – ENDPOINTS NEWS
  2. Multiplex genome editing to generate universal CAR T cells resistant to PD1 inhibition | Clinical Cancer Research

T cells can become “exhausted”?  Improving CAR-T cells’ exhaustion:
Insight into tired immune cells opens door for cancer therapy



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