Links for 12/22/2016

Another CAR-T Follicular Lymphoma success story, written by Jamie Remo, who is himself a fNHL survivor:

Despite Setbacks, CAR-T Treatment for Cancer Moves Forward

The newest installment in the excellent NY Times series, “Cell Wars: The Science of Immunotherapy“. This article concerns the ethics of price-setting for these expensive therapies, given the public funding that contributed to their success:

Harnessing the U.S. Taxpayer to Fight Cancer and Make Profits – The New York Times

Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) remains a significant issue during CAR-T therapy.  I myself spent 5 days in Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s ICU (Intensive Care Unit), 10 days after my CAR-T infusion.  A lot of effort is underway to mitigate this syndrome:

Ruxolitinib may prevent CRS after CAR T-cell therapy (Requires login)

This one is not about CAR-T, but is nonetheless a potential concern for any fNHL patients weighing their “conventional” treatment options. I myself had no issues post-treatment with R-Bendamustine, but I only underwent 4 cycles instead of the usual 6, and did not follow up with Rituxan “maintenance” therapy as mentioned in the article:

Bendamustine Toxicity in FL Raises Eyebrows — and Questions (Requires login)





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