Recent CAR-T coverage in mainstream media (in reverse chronological order)…

I haven’t actually read these yet myself, but they are circulating among the social media.  I’m hoping to add some commentary after reading:

Experimental Cancer Treatment That Terminates Rogue Cells Could Arrive in 2017 – Seeker (2016/12/23)

2017 shaping up to be pivotal year for CAR-T and CRISPR therapies | FierceBiotech (2016/12/22)

Opinion: Balancing Risks and Rewards of CAR T-Cell Therapy | The Scientist Magazine® (2016/12/15)–Balancing-Risks-and-Rewards-of-CAR-T-Cell-Therapy/

CAR T-Cell Therapy The Road Ahead (2016/08/11)

I won’t pretend to understand the significance of this, but it is making the social media rounds, and seems to indicate just how competitive this CAR-T field is:

Juno Therapeutics Defeats Kite Pharma’s Challenge to CAR T-Cell Patent – 1stOncology™: Cancer Intelligence Service

A bit old (February 2016), but comprehensive, and it’s written by my CAR-T trial oncologist.  🙂

CD19-targeted CAR T-cell therapeutics for hematologic malignancies: interpreting clinical outcomes to date | Blood Journal


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