Upcoming CAR-T coverage at Bloomberg News?

For anyone who would like to share their stories of how they were able to gain access to CAR-T therapy, or whether they are still waiting to gain access…

I received the email below a few days ago from one of the lymphoma Yahoo Groups I am a member of. I’ve since shared my CAR-T story with Michelle, but my story may be less relevant than some of yours, since I did CAR-T way back in 2015. 🙂

Please read Michelle’s email below and see if you may be interested:

Hi. I’m a journalist at Bloomberg News, and I’m writing a story about Car-T therapy for DLBCL. I am hoping to find a patient who is willing to share their story and perspective about trying to get into one of the studies or is waiting for the therapy to be approved. We and others have written about the actual treatment and how that process occurs. I want to explore the issues that come with waiting for access, as that is likely to be a bigger issue once the approach is approved. I appreciate the help!

The story will have a US focus since the approval is supposed to come this year from the FDA. I am based in Minneapolis but can call anywhere to anyone, anytime. Thanks so much for any help!

Michelle Cortez
Email: mcortez@bloomberg.net
Phone: 612-991-8887


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