CD19-CAR T Cell Therapy Can Effectively Treat Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Recently, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania and Novartis reported that CD-19-CAR T cell therapy got the expected results in an early CD19 CAR-T preclinical assay involving 43 patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. These subjects were all patients with chemotherapy failure and expected survival of only about 3 months. These chemotherapy regimens include Rituximab, an antibody (first-line therapy) with B-cell antigen CD20 as the drug target. However, only 30 of the 43 subjects were successfully administered, and other patients failed to receive CD19-CAR T cell therapy due to CAR-T cell preparation failure. Among the patients successfully treated, 15 were diffuse large B cell lymphoma, 13 were follicular lymphoma, and 2 were mantle cell lymphoma.

At present the clinical trial has been carried out for about two years, and the total response rate is 47%. Six of the patients have got completely remission, and one of them did not be seen tumor recurrence in 14 months of observation. The CD19 CAR T cell therapy was most effective in follicular lymphoma with a response rate of 73%. Side effects were also expected, with only one case of lethal encephalitis, and the primary side effects were cytokine release storm (but mostly one to two level) and reversible nervous system toxicity.

Full article:


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